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ASCOCC terminates Huskey

After receiving over 30 percent of student votes in the council elections, Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College member Kelly Huskey has been terminated from her position on council.
On Aug. 27, an executive session was held to decide whether to terminate Huskey for violating ASCOCC and Central Oregon Community College policy.
Huskey served as ASCOCC director of student organizations during the 2012-13 academic year, and was re-elected for the 2013-14 year and would have been the director of student affairs.
Council members from the 2012-13 council were present as well as Gordon Price, director of student life, and Ron Paradis, COCC director of college relations.
During the meeting, Huskey made a statement asking for sanctions to be given instead of termination.
The vote was unanimous with all four council members voting for Huskey’s removal from council.
Taran Underdal, ASCOCC’s advisor, was also present at the meeting. Besides confirming Huskey’s removal from council, Underdal said she was not able to comment much beyond what the meeting minutes say at this time.
“[Huskey’s] final day was Aug. 29, 2013 and she’s officially terminated as a council member,” Underdal stated.

-Molly Svendsen

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    • This article was written using public records and follow-up interviews with qualified individuals. Since the decision itself is public record, every student has access to it and we can report on it. Thanks for your comment!


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