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Operation Don’t Go Broke: Spring Makeover on a Budget

Operation Don’t Go Broke is devoted to bringing readers helpful tips on ways to save in college.

Spring is in the air and men and women are doing double-takes in mirrors everywhere.

After a long winter, have you started to let yourself go? Spruce up your style without spending a fortune at salons and department stores.

Most importantly, focus on the inside first. Drink water, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep to look and feel great all year long.


Clean up your brows. Don’t let furry brows block your smoldering stare.

Shave. It’s time to shed that beard and show off the face you’ve been hiding all winter.

Wear a tie. A tie adds an extra touch of style that will get you noticed. Don’t be afraid to sport a tie with jeans.

Add color to your wardrobe. Neutral colors are boring. Mix and match vibrant T-shirts to wear over button ups.

Trim your nails. No one wants to see grime under nails.



Go “au naturel.” Scale back the glam this spring to achieve a more natural look.

Add color to your wardrobe. Neon is the new black. Step outside your comfort zone and wear something bright green or orange.

Paint your nails. Go with a vibrant shade for spring.


Wear a dress. Stash those sweaters: it’s sundress season.

Shave. Exfoliate, shave and moisturize legs. Use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30.

Don’t try to salvage last year’s flip-flops. It’s about time to invest in a new pair of flops, but don’t forget to paint your toe nails.

Don’t rock socks with sandals. Just don’t.

Second year COCC nursing student Anna Quesenberry is a wife and mother of two who is passionate about saving money.

–Anna Quesenberry

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