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Letter to the Editor

The following is an email sent by Tara Clasen, a COCC student, to the Dean of Science and Dean of Students at COCC.

Good Morning,
I just wanted to drop an email and continue this conversation. My intent is to major in biology while keeping my religious and deeply held beliefs intact. The answers I have received from the school this far lead me to believe that this is not an option. Being older than the average student I am very willing to stand up for my beliefs and it is my intent to change school policy so younger students will not have to worry about this in the future.
There are alternatives to animal dissection which have been proven just as educational. It is my belief that this will one day replace the use of animal models altogether. There are colleges that do not make students participate in the death of an animal. Here is a link to the policy at Sara Lawrence College:

Click to access sarah_lawrence_student_choice.pdf

There are organizations that help support students in these matters and I am having a science kit that replaces dissection sent for your convenience. When it arrives I am happy to show it to you. Again, and this is very important, it is my intent to change the policy so any person can take classes without feeling they need to swallow their beliefs or change majors. I really want to help educate COCC on the choices and help the science department step into the inevitable future.
Thanks so much, Tara Clasen


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