A bite and a brew

Photo by Tabitha Johnson The Broadside
Review and Photos by Tabitha Johnson The Broadside

Pig and Pound Public House
This English style pub has a personal feel with their custom chalkboard menus and warm atmosphere. What Pig and Pound lacks in seating they make up for in food and drinks. Along with a variety of wines, there are eight taps waiting to pour a cold beer. The food is even English pub style. A patron can choose from their infamous Fish and Chips, bangers and mash, and a veggie and chicken pot pie to name a few. Customers may even enjoy some spotted dick, a english style custard with dried fruit, for dessert.  All dishes are reasonably priced and all meat served comes from Carlton Farms grown in Carlton, Oregon. Pig and Pound can be found next to the Redmond Library and Opportunity Foundation.

Smith Rock Burger. Photo by Tabitha Johnson The Broadside
Smith Rock Burger. 

Smith Rock Brewery
Smith Rock Brewery opened in November of 2012 and they’ve been gathering steam ever since. Smith Rock is located in the old Paleo’s Building on 7th Street in Redmond.
“We talked about it for a long time,” explained Patterson. “We really liked this building a lot.”
The owners consist of a brother and sister: Danielle Stewart, Don Fredrickson and their spouses Natalie Patterson and Kevin Stewart.
The process for making the beer takes time, but the results can be rewarding.
“There is only one day of brewing, but it takes about a month for it to ferment,” said Patterson.
While waiting for their new beer to appear on the tap, Smith Rock also serves a variety of local brews, wine, ciders and are the only place in Redmond now serving mead, a sweet honey flavored wine. The menu ranges from veggie pasta to bratwurst corndogs.
Smith Rock also has plans for the future of their business.
“We’d like to get brewing off site to expand,” said Danielle Stewart, “that way, we can brew more.”

Underdog Sports Bar and Grill. Photo by Tabitha Johnson
Underdog Sports Bar and Grill. 

Underdog Sports Bar and Grill
Clint Mitchell and Rease Endicott took over the Millennium Cafe in October 2012. The name was the first to go, followed by the limited beer supply. Underdog now has six taps loaded with local brews, as well as a full bar behind them. So far, Underdog is one of the few places in Redmond with the award-winning Red Chair by Deschutes Brewery. But the drinks are not the main attractions.
“We do everything different than anybody else because we’ll make food however anyone wants,” explained Mitchell. “Our burgers are 100% ground chuck and our breads are freshly baked, top shelf from Di Lusso’s Bakery in Bend. That’s what sets us apart.”
Even though Underdog has Oregon Lottery machines and drinks for adults, all ages are welcome to enjoy their atmosphere. It’s located on the southbound one way in downtown Redmond.
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