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You might be a COCC student if…

 1. The only concerts you’ve gone to in the past three years have been free.

2. You’re up at 6 a.m. not because you woke up early, but because you’re still up.

3. You’ve ever worn snowboard boots to class.

4. You celebrate when you find a quarter or a parking spot.

5. You’re a regular at more than three breweries.

6. You’re a regular at more than three coffee shops.

7. You spend more money on textbooks than clothing, food and shelter combined.

8. Vacation packing consists of grabbing an air mattress, flip-flops and sunscreen.

9. Your algebra study partner is your 13-year-old son.

Alex Putnan-Spreier in the gameroom. Photo by Anna Quesenberry | The Broadside
Alex Putnan-Spreier in the gameroom. Photo by Anna Quesenberry | The Broadside

10. You’ve ever clipped a coupon for Top Ramen.

11. You golf with a frisbee.

12. Your idea of a road trip is driving to the east side.

13. After cramming for finals you clear your head by spelunking.

14. Your school supply list includes a mountain bike.

15. You’ve taken a course completely outdoors.

16. You’ve eaten pizza for dinner (and breakfast) more than three times in one week.

17. You’ve heard The Shins, Michael Franti or Beck perform live from an inner-tube floating The Deschutes River.  

 18. Your laptop cost more than your car.

19. You know what the “barf ball” is.

20. In spite of being terrified of needles, you donate blood, because the free juice and cookies are worth it.

21. You’ve taken a college course on vampires.

22. You’ve ever gone skiing, biking, swimming and studied for a test all in the same day.

23. You trained your dog to fetch your backpack.

24. You’ve considered putting studs on your bicycle.

25. Your alarm system is a bike lock.

26. The only time you visit your parents is when you’re down to your last pair of socks.

27. The only time your car gets washed is when it rains.

28. You drink coffee all day long, until it’s time to switch to beer.

29. The bartender at Mcmenamins has ever quizzed you for a final.

30. Your idea of shopping is browsing the “free” section on Craigslist.

 31. The last thing you watched on television was the Olympics, two years ago.

32. You frequent more dog parks than human parks.

33. You’d eat almost anything, but consider yourself a “beer snob”.



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