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Fashion Tips Part 1 and Part 2

Just say “no” to frump says:
I need advice on the few quick things I can do everyday to look more stylish without spending a fortune. How is this done when I am busy with classes and work?

Hey Frump,

Well the fastest and most inexpensive way to add a little style to your life is to geta great hair cut. Hit up Phagans’ Central Oregon Beauty
College and you can help out other students as well as get a great inexpensive hair style. If you’re short on time, go for something low maintenance, and well, short.

As for adding style to your wardrobe, everything old is new again. ‘70s and ‘80s trends are making a roaring come back, which means, for some of us, our mothers can finally be seen in public with their bell bottoms and feathered bangs again.

Glamour Magazine’s online site says, “High-waisted flare jeans, Say hello to your new day-to-night bestie: Spring’s sleek ’70s-inspired jeans look
cool again after almost a decade of skinny-jean world domination.” I know we shall all mourn the loss of the skinny jean.

Not willing to change your style? Spice up your look with the hottest colors and jewelry instead! Glamour Magazine says, “Spring’s coolest
pieces are low-key and come in desert-inspired colors like rust, sienna and sand.” What trend could be better suited for Central Oregon? So add some spice to your wardrobe with a few desert-toned shirts and jewels, slap on your favorite high-waisted flare jeans and a pair of wedged shoes and you’re all set for a runway.

Keep in mind, sometimes the smallest change has the greatest effect. Looking better will help you feel better, feeling better will help you do
better in school and life and always dress for the job you want to have, you never know who might be your next employer.

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Fashion tips part 2

After last week’s “Just Say No to Frump” asked about fashion, On The Side answered with how a women could be more fashionable. So what about the frumpy guys out there?

After looking around campus, the number one suggestion in fashion for men is taking a shower daily. Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you need to smell like a fraternity house.

After the shower, the March 28, 2011 GQ magazine Spring trend report states, “A sports coat is something you really need to have in your summer wardrobe.”

Now I know a few of you are thinking, “I don’t like the whole suit and tie look.” But if you pair a great sports coat with a clean pair of jeans, a polo shirt and a t-shirt layered over it you’ll smarten up your look considerably.

Now for the perfect jeans, GQ says, “Gray jeans should be your go-to jean for the summer.”

The gray jean is a bit of a throw back from the ‘80s so your fashion will mix nicely with the ladies fashions for this season. If the gray jean is not for you, go with a hole free pair of dark jeans and a pair of leather sandals. For an extra splash of style add a fedora that matches your sports coat.

The retro look is in, so hit up one or two of Bend’s many second hand shops to find cheap sports coats and jeans. As for the fedora, Walmart has quite a wide selection of them for decent prices.

For the final touch on your look, put on some deodorant and do your hair, without a ton of gel. If you’re wearing a hat, gel will make it stick to your head. Tie on a semi-clean pair of sneakers from your closet and you’re all set for a fashionable term.

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