That’s so gay… Yes, yes it was


Josh “Brown” Ballou
The Broadside

If you weren’t at The Domino Room Jan. 28 you missed a unique experience. The Gay Straight Alliance of Central Oregon Community College had its first major event, “That’s So Gay,” featuring God-des and She live in concert.

This was a solid event, the first ever “school affiliated” event I have been to and I must say, not bad at all.

Before the show I talked with Stefanie Jackson, president of the GSA here at COCC, and asked what this event was all about.

“Basically we’re just trying to spread the word, spread equality, get rid of those lines, those boundaries between our communities. Pull the straight community in with the gay community,” said Jackson.

“That’s So Gay” was more than just a night at the club. There were three performances, a DJ and all the diversity this city has to offer.
The crowd varied in age, race and sexuality and offered a nice safe haven for those who might not normally go out. Everyone enjoyed a mix of pop/dance/hip-hop and rock.

True Holland, a new band out of Washington, opened up the night’s performances.

Pop rock from a three-man band rarely sounds this good. Think Yellowcard meets Neon Trees. The set was fun.

Out of all the groups that performed, they seemed a little out of place, but they were received well.

They weren’t a gay themed rock band and there was no gimmick to their act. They were just good fashion rockers out to share their music.

Next up was CJ & The Dolls. Hated it, and I wasn’t alone. I had someone come up to me and ask me not to mention this part of the night. This was basically a tragedy on stage. CJ didn’t sing, it was more of talking in time with the beat.

They were a bit of a spectacle to take in. The Dolls wore white make-up and red-circles painted on their cheeks to give the illusion of a baby-doll, and CJ was, well…the leader of this troop. I’ll just say it was time for a drink.

Finally, God-des and She hit the stage: hip-hop feminism with a twist. These ladies were propelled into pop culture over four years ago when they appeared on Showtime’s “The L Word,” which broadened their fan-base. Solid beats, good flow and vocals that made you look twice at the stage.

The majority of the crowd was downstairs enjoying the girls up close and personal. The ladies engaged the audience with behind-the-music storytelling and introductions to each song, so new fans like me could get familiar quick and easy.

The ladies had lots of crowd participation. When they finished their set they stuck around and signed autographs and took pictures with every fan who wanted one. The dance party continued and the crowd enjoyed themselves.

“It’s awesome, amazing,” said Brittany Allen, anaudience member.

Everyone I spoke with had similar reviews. I think it’s safe to say this will not be the last GSA function.

If you want to get involved with GSA or have ideas for future shows check them out on Facebook at, or email them at The GSA is meeting every Thursday in the Campus Center, downstairs in room 116. Don’t be shy it’s about everyone. Show your support, and make a difference in the community.

Hit me up with any ideas you have. If you know of an event I should be at, let me know. If you see me “round town”, don’t hesitate to holla at me.

Josh Ballou can be reached at



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