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Mickey comes to town

Micky Avalon
Mickey Avalon sits on the audience during a sold out show in the Domino Room on Jan. 21.

[Derek Oldham] The Broadside

Josh Ballou
The Broadside

If the weather was a little warmerthan usual Friday night it might have been due to the arrival of infamous Glam Rap pioneer Mickey Avalon.

Interscope Records unleashed Avalon on the public back in 2006, and he’s been causing his brand of trouble ever since.

During his first Bend show at The Domino Room, Avalon got things heated with his mix of rap, 80’s rock, arrogance and humor.

All ages were welcome to come out and attend Avalon’s reinvented version of sex, drugs, and rock and roll Rap.
The doors opened and everyone poured into the main room.

Avalon’s younger fans clamored to get as close to the stage as possible. Others opted for a chance to look down on the self proclaimed,“Mr. Right” as they enjoyed a few drinks from the balcony.

Fans who were hoping to get tickets at the door, were mistaken.

Six hundred and fifty presale tickets were sold and another couple hundred people waited in hopes of a chance to see all that Avalon had to offer.

“I have been a fan of Mickey Avalon since 2006,” said Kaija Clark. “I’m expecting Primo Mickey Avalon.”

She wasn’t the only one and she wasn’t disappointed.

Three acts opened the show, all from Oregon.

Underground hip-hop is alive and kicking in C.O.

These acts got the crowd primed and ready for Avalon, and just after 11 p.m. the crowd got what it came for.

Toni Basil’s classic, “Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind… Hey Mickey, Hey Mickey” started to play.

Avalon hit the stage in a black leather jacket, jeans, and Converse classics as the crowd roared.Before even saying a word, Avalon had the crowd hooked.

It was clear that he was out to have a good time. He had a drink between every song, and was joined on stage by two young ladies in red and black lingerie.

Avalon performed all the crowd faves; Jane Fonda, So Rich So Pretty, Mr. Right, and after he performed one of his most infamous proclamations, “F*ckin’ Em All,” Avalon proceeded to make out with the entire front row. Attempting to live out the lyrics of the song, Avalon crawled across the stage kissing each fan along the way.

After six or seven Avalon classics and three brand new songs Avalon left the stage.

The crowd wasn’t having it.

They chanted his name and screamed until he returned to give them one more song, “My

The music started; the crowd went wild, and it became a singalong with Avalon as everyone in the audience sang the song lyric for lyric.

The show had great energy, and the crowd loved it. Avalon is nothing if not entertaining, and dedicated to his fans.

He stuck around after the show to do a meet-and-greet as did all the opening acts.

“It was so fun,” said Brooklyn Conner,a young hipster in attendance. “All my favorites were there.”

Avalon came to Bend and rocked in true 80s fashion. If you missed him, then check him out online at for tour dates and merchandise.

Mickey Avalon
Mickey Avalon delivers a crowd pleasing performance to a sold out show at the Domino Room on Jan. 21.

[Derek Oldham] The Broadside




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