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How to avoid scaring away friends with gifts on V-Day

Valentine’s Day, or for me, Singles
Awareness Day is approaching kind of
quickly. I’m not really looking for a boyfriend,
but I would like to get a couple of
good guy friends of mine something nice for
Valentine’s Day. Are there any good presents
that say “I like our friendship, and I was
thinking of you, but it’s not like you’ve been
stuck on my mind THAT much” ?

Single and Happy

I know what you mean, it’s hard to find a Valentines gift that doesn’t profess endless love and the majority of Valentine’s cards are filled with the mushy love stuff.

The best thing to do in this situation is to find something that clearly says (in writing) “For a friend” on Valentines Day.

You can search through the cards at the grocery store, looking for a “friends are great” card, or you can go online and make a custom card or even a custom e-card. That way you can write what you feel on the card, helping to ensure that there is no confusion.

For gifts, you want something that is personal but not too personal.

Boxers or underwear will always send the wrong message, even if they are funny ones. Stay away from clothes all together.

If you can find something like a teddy that sings a funny but not romantic song and combine it with a “you’re a great friend,” card you’re all set.

Movies are a good gift too. Go for one you know they will like, one that’s not a romance.

Movies like “Juno” or “Knocked Up” could send a mixed message, so try to stick with the great “shoot ‘em up” movie or comedy they liked but don’t own.

You could even give them a movie gift card tucked inside that friendly card.

The best gift of all is time with good friends so think about organizing a singles night for Valentines and make food, watch movies and have a few drinks (21 and older).

If you’re not really the make food type, go for bowling or a room at a bar where you andyour single friends can do a secret Santa type grab bag of funny Valentine’s gifts and just hangout together.

Be sure that more than one friend is definitely going to attend your singles’ party or you’ll really be sending the wrong message.

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