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Crafting a soundscape

Bethany Hargrove

The Broadside

Do you like music? Do you prefer top 40 artists, or do you crave something a little more… Underground? Whatever you enjoy listening to, these sites will satisfy both your inner hipster and the mainstream in your music tastes.


TheSixtyOne bypasses record companies and allows new musicians to sell music and merchandise to their fans, almost directly.
This music engine is great if you want to find a band that no-one has heard of and who will remain underground for a while. (Stereotypical hipsters, eat your heart out.)

8 tracks

8 tracks is a really awesome website, composed entirely of user-created 8-track mixes ranging from Top Singles of 2010 to Break-up Mix to Drug Songs. (All of these exist.)

Ideal for when you’re in the mood for a specific theme or sound, 8-tracks is really freakin’ cool. The tag cloud helps you find a style or genre, while the mix descriptions help you choose specifically.

The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine grabs music from blogs, and has a diverse mix of mp3s from hundreds of blogs gathered into its database.

Sporting an eclectic mix of mainstream and brand new music, the Hype Machine is ideal for a dedicated music aficionado.


The quintessential online radio– the first, the best, and the most mainstream music finding website out there.

Pandora isn’t ideal for finding underground bands, but is still one of the best sites for finding music that is similar to what you already know and love.



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