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ASCOCC grants Cascades Adventure’s funding request

Cedar Goslin

The Broadside

On Oct. 29, the Associated Students of Central Oregon Community College unanimously voted to grant Cascades Adventures the $5,000 in requested funding.  The decision was made during a meeting with Jeff Myers, coordinator of outdoor recreation programs at Oregon State University -Cascades

Starting in August, there was some confusion about whether or not ASCOCC would be funding the Cascades Adventures program, when Myers received an e-mail from Taran Underal, ASCOCC’s advisor,, stating that the ASCOCC needed to reconsider funding the program .  Lack of funding from the ASCOCC would mean that only OSU students would be able to participate in the program.

However, there was apparently a miscommunication.  According to Brenda Pierce, marketing and advising coordinator of the ASCOCC, the funding for Cascades Adventure was never denied.  The

Cascades Adventures program missed their opportunity to apply for funding, but once the application was received, the ASCOCC requested more information.  According to Pierce, once the information was reviewed by council, they unanimously approved the request.

“We’re looking forward to meeting with Jeff in the future about COCC participation so [Cascade Adventures] can grow.”  Said Pierce.

Myers confirmed that the cause for delay was ASCOCC’s need for more information about Cascades Adventures.  Myers was pleased with the outcome of the meeting, and hopes to work with ASCOCC to better promote COCC participation in the Cascades Adventures program.  In the past, the program has relied on bulletin boards and word of mouth to attract members, but Myers hopes to have more success in working with ASCOCC.

“I think the relationship between us and the ASCOCC has been strengthen due to the confusion,”said Myers.

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