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Letters to the Editor

Cascades adventures needs to Stay
My Name is Elyse Lynch and I am writing to address the issue of Cascade Adventure’s exclusion of funding by the ASCOCC. I am deeply disappointed to hear that one of the most popular clubs on campus has recently had their funding suddenly revoked. Cascade Adventures is an amazing opportunity that is (well WAS) available to all students, whether they were enrolled at COCC, OSU or both. It allowed students of any background the opportunity to get outdoors with fellow students FOR FREE. As a COCC and OSU student I am personally, as well as professionally, interested in Cascade Adventures, seeing as it provides not only fun recreation, but also an amazing opportunity for professional development for the COCC and OSU TOL majors, who make up a large population of the student body here at COCC and OSU. Cascade Adventures is an amazing club and by taking the funding from them ASCOCC is harming the community of our schools in a massive way. If the ASCOCC is representing the student body, they should pay attention to what the students want– and we WANT Cascade Adventures to be here, not only for OSU students but for COCC students as well.
– Elyse Lynch
Holding ASCOCC Responsible
This article is in response “Student Government Identity Crises.” It is obvious that the student government (ASCOCC) is part of COCC and it must be “subject” to its monetary policies. What is not obvious is that ASCOCC is trying to separate itself from the college to escape from mismanaging student’s money. I do not participate in any clubs, yet they still charge me. This has been happening for a long while. Ever since the campus health center closed over 3 years ago. Gordon Price made it clear that the money ASCOCC originally charged students was to go to the campus health center. The campus health center has ceased to exist for many years. I do not get health care checkups here and neither do other students so ASCOCC should not get our money. If ASCOCC has been charging students for clubs during summer which–many students don’t attend–than Student government has made a big monetary mistake. They should correct it. Students deserve to know that they may being charged unnecessarily. To find out, look at your financial aid receipts or at your tuition bill.
-Josh Bridges


  1. The Broadside printed a retraction in the last issue on pg. 2, bottom right corner (shaded in – not prominent) that ASCOCC had not made a decision on funding Cascade Adventures.

    ASCOCC hopes that in the future The Broadside will focus on reporting news rather than creating it.


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