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5 places to visit this summer

Don Iler

The Broadside

Summer provides an excellent time to get out of Bend and explore the great state of Oregon. If Bend is giving you cabin fever but you don’t know where to go, here are five easy suggestions to get out for a day or a weekend.

Portland– Oregon’s largest city has so many things to do that it’s impossible to name them all here. But if you get there and can’t find something to do, go to Voodoo Donut on NW 2nd Street and try the Bacon Maple Bar, the ultimate sweet meat and then visit Powell’s on Burnside, an entire city block worth of books.

The Columbia River Gorge

Hood River, Oregon– Home of three different breweries, this wind surfing mecca is surrounded by orchards, mountains and forests. Camp in a state park nearby, tour a brewery and enjoy some of the finest beers the northwest has to offer. Then hike along the gorge, exploring the many waterfalls and mountains along the way. Cap the day with a dam tour at Bonneville Dam and watch the salmon and lamprey going up the dam fish ladders.

Cascade Lakes Highway– If you just want a place to fish, hike, camp, swim or just go for a nice drive, the Cascade Lakes Highway has all of that. Home to many popular trailheads leading into the Cascade mountains and lakes that have great fishing and swimming, it’s fun on a hot day to get out of town and cool down in the water.

Caves on China Hat Road– Summer heat got you down? Need a place to cool down? Drive south of Bend on China Hat road to explore and go spelunking in some ancient caves and lava tubes. Be sure to bring a flashlight and a sweatshirt since the caves stay a cool 45 degrees all year round.

Wal-Mart– Home of everyday low prices and one of the best places to people watch in town, Wal-Mart is also air conditioned in all its fluorescent lit glory. Wander around late at night and have fun discovering the people of Wal-Mart. Where else can you buy diapers, tube socks, and a gun at two in the morning?



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