Don Iler’s prophetic visions are rejected by the public (letter to the editor)



Picture not up to par

I’m sorry but this article was not interesting AT ALL. The end, REALLY sucked. All of the nonesense about the cubs, not funny. This article looked like one that was written 5 minutes before deadline. I know that the writers are payed for their articles and it frustrates me that money was wasted on this, when it could be going to so many better things. I’m all for paying your writers, don’t get me wrong, but only if its a well written, interesting article. The picture too. There were some AMAZING pictures from that volcano. Why do we have to look like a 5 second sketch? with “VOLCANO” and “LAVA” written to make sure we can tell what it is we’re looking at. At the very least, hire someone from the art department! – Anonymous

More than Begating

I just read your article and have to say I was a bit disappointed with your lack of knowledge and jumping ro conclusions. John was not in the desert when he wrote revelation. He was actually on an island living out his final years. Also if you had actually read the old testament you would notice a lot more in there than who begot who.
On the bright side though you will make an excellent reporter. You mislead people by jumping to conclusions on a subject you know nothing about. Good job. – Anonymous


  1. The comments on this article were…. uplifting. The people who commented could, (by their own account) do a better job. I hear that anyone can write articles who is a student, and perhaps these critics will be compelled to write more savvy articles for us in the future? Don’t just trash them, get-some, and see how you fare. Regards Jeffrey Jensen


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