Board of Directors vote ‘YES’ on Campus Village project


Eric Ercanbrack
The Broadside

James Middleton, Central Oregon Community College’s president, and the college’s Board of Directors passed a new building project called the Campus Village area. The board voted on the 40 acre project last Wednesday. The first phase is anticipated to begin this year.

According to the Board of Directors meeting agenda, the building will, “foster an innovative mixed use area for academic, social, residential, retail, and commercial uses that are accessible to students, faculty, staff and surrounding neighbors.”

“Now is the time to act,” said Middleton about the project that took four and a half years to create.
Middleton expressed his concerns with the project saying that he did not want to, “risk our college reputation,” and that he is confident with the contractor the board of directors chose to construct the Campus Village.

The Village will be built on 40 acres of land which is located on the northeast corner of Mt. Washington Drive and Shevlin Park Road. The area closest to the intersection is expected to house office and retail buildings. The new culinary institute will also reside in this area of the Village. A three acre COCC-sponsored residential area is anticipated in the construction of the project, which will be available to students as well as general public. The residential area construction is expected to begin by Dec. 31, 2015.

Many new buildings are being implemented in the wake of the passing of bond measure 9-37, which has given COCC $41.8 million. COCC will see many new buildings in the future which include a Culinary building, Health Careers, Science, Technology, Prineville and Madras Education buildings, and remodeling the Ochoco building.
“The next time there is a proposal that takes four and half years, don’t call me.” Middleton said humorously after the board passed the project.

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