Bookless bookclub

The newest book club, is unlike all others. The biggest change? No books are needed. TED Club is a book club for people who don’t have time to read, explained club founder, Kirsten Hostetler. TED Club meets once a term to bring students, staff and faculty together to discuss relevant and important issues using TED […]

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Scott Goodenough, Alaina Martinez and Jose Alvarez compete in the poetry slam on Thursday April 23rd. Photos by Brooks Thomson | The Broadside

COCC hosts first ever Poetry Slam

“So much in so little can be described in poetry,“ said Emily Brock, faculty librarian, at the poetry slam Thursday, April 23. The poetry slam is part of the annual library poetry celebrations that occur during the month of April. The library curates everything from professors reciting shakespeare to a “poet-tree,” which features miscellaneous student […]

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