Artwork by Karen Z. Ellis displayed in the Franklin Crossing Atrium. right: Eucalyptus Snow Gum Monotype. Center: Water, Earth, Fire, Air Monotype with some hand-coloring and relief stamping. Left: Inner Landscape, Monotype with mixed-media.


Stanley William Hayter, one of the most significant printmakers in the 20th century and founder of Atelier 17 where artists such as Miro, Picasso and Kandinsky, created prints supporting the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War. His techniques influenced artist Mandy Livingston (1970s) and Karen Ellis, participant artist in REFLECT: The Fine Art of […]

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Paula Bullwinkel observes her narrative series, a story of two girls (her daughters) in a unicorn and crow masks. Bullwinkel has been developing the story for two years now and plans to make it into a book which will be displayed in a gallery in London, England with other photos this summer. In sequence the photo titles share a little of the narrative, "Hestia Concerned Makes Inquires", "Hestia Nearly Gives Up" and "Beatrix in the City."

“Film me”

A show curated by Paula Bullwinkel to exhibit the best work being made by the advanced film photography students. This exhibit consists of black and white and silver gelatin photographs that have all been developed and printed in the darkroom. It emphasis is on exploring a personal vision and sharing the artists’ unique interpretations of […]

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Pablo Picasso, 1903, The Blind Man's Meal, oil on canvas

Picasso’s Blue Period

Jason Lamb, art history teacher at Central Oregon Community College, spoke about Picasso’s “Blue Period,” (1901–1904) a time in which Picasso painted in the chromatic color of blue. The presentation was held at the Deschutes Public Library on Feb. 13. Lamb said his goal for this presentation was to show the “sense in which artists […]

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Lia Tuas, from Summit High School, won a silver key and a $500 award for her piece of art displayed in Pence Hall during the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition.

National Scholastic Competition

This month Central Oregon Community College’s (COCC) Pence Hall Gallery will be exhibiting the Scholastic Art & Writing winners. Eight hundred students from Portland, Central Oregon and Willamette valley, grades seven through 12 submitted art pieces that were judged on a regional level.The pieces were judged on originality, artistic vision and technical skill. One hundred […]

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Students and faculty toured the gallery on Jan. 7 during the Student Showcase opening. The gallery is open to the public Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:00 until Jan. 31.

Student Showcase

The gallery at Pence Hall features students’ art from photography I, II and III, taught by Paula Bullwinkel. Bullwinkel showed her students’ art and picked the pieces entered in the show. Film is an art form, Bullwinkel explained. “There is depth and richness within film that you cannot get from a digital,” said Bullwinkel. Bullwinkel […]

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